Kit^n^Kate travel to international expos in London and Cannes

Kit^n^Kate attended content expos BLE in London and MIPCOM in Cannes. As a result, a number of new partnerships were negotiated. 

Kit^n^Kate is about a pair of young kitty siblings who love playing together, having fun together, helping each other, and learning how to deal with life’s obstacles.

Season 1 of Kit^n^Kate features a fantastic collection of social-emotional adventures the kittens create with things they inside their magical toy box. Whether they are on Blueberry Island, at a school for Wizards, or baking a cake for the Squirrel Princess, the kittens always find themselves at a dead-end. They figure out what they did wrong with the help of a mysterious stranger, who happens to be Mom or Dad in disguise, and get a chance to try again (“Now we know, so back we go!”). 

In Season 2 the format and play pattern of the show changes as the kittens jump into comical stories that they are making up with their parents. The silly stories offer a humorous way for the kittens to explore and understand how to deal with the real problems children may be facing in the real world. 

“With each new season of Kit^n^Kate it is our goal to take the kittens, and our young viewers, on a different kind of ride. These two seasons work together to explore the different ways the kittens like to play on their own and with their family.”




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